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Favorite Stories & Links
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Favorite Stories
All of us remember stories that made a significant impact on us...special stories that moved us to laughter or tears.  These are the stories that we read again and again.
Here are some of my all-time favorites...

A Colder Season by Kat  ~~  A very thoughtful character study of Jed Bartlet, who is stuck alone in New Hampshire during a snow storm. One of my very favorites, but I love everything Kat writes!

The Streets of Washington by Entilzha  ~~ What would happen if Jed lost his identity and an imposter were in the White House? An excellent story with a compelling plot.

Shall We Bury Fathers or Sons by MAHC  ~~  A beautifully written story about a tragic event in Israel and how it is seen through the eyes of multiple characters.

Jed Barlet Woke Up Gay by Michelle K  ~~  Does this even need explanation? Hilarious!!

In Parting ~~  A future fic. Grab the tissues and read this beautiful story about the passing of the President and the effect this event has on the lives of his former staffers.


Favorite FanFic Sites 

Jabbers Fanfic Archive  ~~  Nadine has compiled a collection of some of the best Jed/Abbey fan fiction. Sorted by television season with a special category for romantic content. It can be tricky to get in because the entire page may not appear on your screen; just scroll down and across to the lower right corner and click enter.

Both Sides Now  ~~  This is the site which drew me into Jed/Abbey fan fiction. Wonderfully insightful and romantic stories about the First Couple by Kat. (When I grow up, I want to write just like her!)

The National Library  ~~  A fabulous archive of West Wing fan fiction with a complete search engine. Find your favorite character, pairing, or author with ease.

Nomad's Realm  ~~  Nomad writes beautifully in several fandoms.  Check out her West Wing stories (I love "Bloodlines" and "So It Goes"), plus links to her recommended fiction and websites.

The Scriptorium  ~~    A site dedicated to quality West Wing fan fiction, with articles and tips for writers and an interview section with accomplished authors. Be sure to check the InterLibrary Loan section for links to other fan fiction sites.

FanFiction by Marguerite   ~~  Great stories by a very talented writer. My favorites include "In Passing" and "Tacet", but everything Marguerite writes is interesting and extremely well crafted.

Jed Bartlet/Donna Moss FanFiction  ~~  Certainly a different idea for those of us who follow the Jed/Abbey storylines, but this stuff is really good.  Be sure to read the series in order:  (1) As I Was Drifting Away, (2) In Your Eyes, (3) Some Say, (4) Stony Limits, (5) Beauty and Honor, (6) Love's Creation, and (7) Jewel of Their Souls. 

Jae Gecko's Defining Moments  ~~  A site for challenge fics, vignettes of 500 words which describe a defining moment in a character's development. Multiple fandoms are represented here, but there are many West Wing stories. These are short, but powerful. Enjoy!

The West Wing Unofficial Continuity Guide  ~~  Need to know something about The West Wing? Check here for the answer.

Television Without Pity West Wing Recaps  ~~  Miss an episode?  Check the recaps for what happened or just read for the recapper's snarky twist on things.